Criminal Law

Why Hire a Private Attorney Instead of Using a Public Defender?

If you or a loved one have been arrested, call us. We appear most often in the Putnam and Kanawha County courts. We also appear in other courts throughout Jackson, Mason, Lincoln and Boone Counties.

We can help you.

We appreciate that convictions for various offenses can lead to jail or prison time, being deported, losing one’s job, being evicted, humiliation and divorce.

We handle all misdemeanor, felony and restraining order cases, as well as juvenile matters and DMV Hearings. Our results, experience, compassion, hard work and skill have helped us gain a reputation as a law firm that will fight for you if your facing criminal charges.

Our success is based on our experience, familiarity with West Virginia law and our commitment to our clients. Our clients are consistently happy because we keep them informed and exhaust all efforts to resolve their cases on the best terms. Dismissals, acquittals, pre-filing diversion and reduction of charges are not uncommon for our clients.